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Welcome to my other world of reincarnating old sweaters, scrap fabrics and trims into beautiful and original works of art!

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In addition to my stretch knit collection, I'm guided by a passion to recycle and transform used, ugly, discarded and neglected materials into functional expressions of beauty and timelessness.

Each sweater coat and vest is created with its own archetypal essence and I find it fascinating and rewarding to witness the highly individualistic soul of a woman connect strongly with and tap into a specific piece.

I create through a process of self expression, balanced with a strong trust of the organic and intuitive flow of the moment. I never know what a finished garment will truly look like until its completion. Each piece has its own birthing process. Integrating all these aspects, I’m continually exploring ways of creating artistic vessels that inspire others to more fully enliven their own divine essence.

Sweaters are hand selected from thrift stores, grouped into color stories and then cut up into pattern pieces and re-worked and sculpted into wonderful new designs. I hand dye lace trims and incorporate ornate vintage findings such as jewels and buttons into each coat to add elegance and charm. These pieces are truly eco-friendly, finely hand crafted and designed to flatter a woman’s curves in just the right places. Every part of a recycled sweater is used down to the smallest scrap. The coats are created first and any scraps leftover from the coats are then saved and made into vests. As a final step in the recycling process, any scraps leftover from the vests are made into arm warmer accessories and stuffing for pillows and cushions.

These pieces are a true labor of Love… Many days go into the making of just one coat. Pricing varies and is dependent upon many factors such as cost of all sweaters used, amount of hours involved to wash, cut out, sew and hand dye trims and the cost of finishing details like fabrics, novelty buttons and trims.

In gratitude and with love,
Keri Roberts

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