About Ipseity Designs

Ipseity, (pronounced Ip-see-ity) is an old English word meaning expression of one’s own individuality.

Ipseity is a Portland based design studio established in 2002 by designer Keri Ann Roberts. With a degree in apparel design and a background in yoga, dance and movement based arts, her designs emphasize a flow and freedom of movement, empowering to every woman.

Ipseity Designs are locally made by the designer herself. Keri performs every aspect of the creation process from sketching and design to pattern making, draping, grading, cutting and sewing. At times she is assisted by two impeccable seamstresses.

Her stretch knit collection is made of a high quality cotton jersey which allows the wearer the greatest ease of movement, durability and a vibrant color palette. Her one-of-a-kind recycled sweater coat collection is made soley out of repurposed, 2nd hand, knit sweaters. With an emphasis on the drape, fluidity and sculptural aspects of stretch knit fabrics, each garment is designed to accentuate and flatter the female form. All designs are created with a little magic and illusion, therefore able to complement a broad range of body types.

Guided by the desire to create clothing that is extraordinarily comfortable, inspires graceful movement, and lends sufficient support with an exceptional fit, the designer tests every new design in action, on her own body. Each design goes through a refining process that ultimately leads to a garment that feels so good on the body, the wearer feels like they are hardly wearing anything at all!

With a focus on sustainable business practices, ipseity takes into consideration the entire process from design and materials to sourcing and production. All decisions are made with the intention of being as environmentally and socially responsible as possible.

In addition to being locally made, ipseity uses organic, biodegradable or recycled materials when accessible and offers limited edition runs of these whenever possible.  The intention is to incorporate more of these types of fabrics into future collections. Sourcing high quality stretch knit organics in vibrant and beautiful color palettes at an affordable price has been a challenge. Once consistent sources are found, Ipseity will be able to offer organics more readily.  Other sustainable business practices include little or no use of trims (biodegradability factor), local sourcing and production, limited use of packaging, re-use of scrap fabrics and onsite recycling of various resources used in production.

In a world dominated by mass produced products and global trends, Ipseity seeks to inspire women to find their own personal expression of style; Their own personal Ipseity. Guided by this sensibility, Ipseity Designs exemplify this freedom of expression, giving women a chance to stand out, to move freely, and to feel unique and beautiful in their own form.